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Privacy Policy

In order to operate the service, stores personal data like your first and last name, your email address and a password chosen by you.

User passwords are stored using state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms (salted hashs).

For every cronjob you create, we store the fetched URL, execution times and login data, if applicable. In case your cronjob requires HTTP authentication, we store the username and password in an unencrypted way because it needs to be known in plaintext when performing the actual authentication for technical reasons. For every execution of your cronjobs, we store the server reply (including headers) in order to make it viewable by you in the members area.

To optimize our service, we may collect statistical information about your visits, e.g. access logs including visitor IP addresses and visited URLs.

At no time will pass user data or other personal information to third parties, except if required by law. All collected data is solely used to run, operate, maintain and improve our services.

Access statistics are collected and stored by the Google Analytics service. contains integration of features operated by Facebook (e.g. the "Like" button).